Contacts us
  • Add: Dingshu Town, Yixing,
            Jiangsu, China
  • P.C.: 214225
  • Chairman: Shunfu Yuan
  • TEL: +86-510-87446558
  • FAX: +86-510-87442345 turn 828
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Society Accountability

    Environmental Protection, Safety & Healthy

    We regard Occupational Health, Production Safety and Environmental Protection as the most important work when fulfilling our society accountability. We advocate sustainable development strategy, focus on establishing safe, environmental-friendly and energy-saving enterprise, achieve the harmonious development between human and nature.

    Employees’ Benefit

    We regard our employees as the most important resource. With establishing company regulations and culture, we protected employees’ benefits, encourage their development, and create “Fair, Aggressive and Harmonious ” corporation atmosphere, so that we can develop together with employees.

    Customer Services

    We take “Create more value for customers with our best services, create more value for company with customers’ satisfaction” as our business concept, focus on clients’ requirements, constantly improve our services, so that we can develop together with our customers and get win-win cooperation.

    Public Undertakings

    While our commercial activities, our company take an active part into various public undertakings, to make contribution to social development.

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