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  • Add: Dingshu Town, Yixing,
            Jiangsu, China
  • P.C.: 214225
  • Chairman: Shunfu Yuan
  • TEL: +86-510-87446558
  • FAX: +86-510-87442345 turn 828
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    Company Culture

    Company Culture

    Our company focuses on establishing harmony corporation culture while our commercial activities, thus formed our own corporation culture that includes company prospect, mission, business concept, management concept, core value and so on. We take our culture into products to enhance our competitiveness, and finally to become the leading company of dye intermediates industries around the world.

    Company Prospect

    To establish "Xinyu" brand, leading the world hair dye industry

    Company mission

    Create more profits to customers

    Provide more chances to employees

    Create more benefits to society

    Core Value

    Take people as foremost. Take honesty as basis. Create value and seek for perfect.

    Business Concept

    Create more value for customers with our best products and services

    Create more value for company with customers’ satisfaction

    Management Concept

    Continuous improvement. Strive for excellence

    Standard of Employees’ Behavious

    For man: honesty, collaboration, keep on learning.

    For work: serious, creative, strive for excellence

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